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Paula Deen Book Signing: ML tells her that she is the inspiration behind Toffee Treats.
TOFFEE TREATS around Town!Paula Deen's Book Signing in Plano - ML gives Paula a Toffee Treats Gift Basket
Above: ML meets Paula Deen and tells her she was the inspiration behind 'Toffee Treats'.
Right: ML gives Paula a Toffee Treats Gift Basket.
Henry Gentry and ML as he provides support for Toffee Treats in a local news story.Left: Henry Gentry, of Henry's Homemade Ice Cream takes part in local TV news clip featuring ML Dubay and Toffee Treats.ML proudly displays a bag of her Toffee TreatsLindsay Wilcox and ML after filming an NBC newsclip featuring Toffee Treats.
Above: NBC 5 Reporter, Lindsay Wilcox and ML while filming a local newsclip featuring the launch of Dubay's 'Toffee Treats' business.
Left: ML proudly displays a bag of Toffee Treats.
ML and Henry Gentry of Henry's Homemade Ice Cream at Local FundraiserLeft: ML & Henry Gentry at a local fundraiser held at Gary Hirsch's Specialty Meats in Plano, Texas.   
ML provides samples of Toffee Treats at a local Central Market store demo event.Above: ML providing sample Toffee Treats at a demo at Central Market.
100 Custom Gift Baskets with Animal Print Ribbon and red ornament
Holiday Gift Boxes with festive ribbon
Holiday Gift Boxes with Animal print ribbon and red jingle bell
Jingle Bell Shoppe at Bent Tree Country Club - November 2010